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My Transformative Journey…….

Here I am…………2014……..working my day job when I received a call………..(which is super out of the ordinary for me)…………..Is this ******* wife?………………….I am calling from the hospital and we have your husband here!!!! Hold The Phone….WHAT!!

The butterfly does not look back at the caterpillar in shame, just as you should not look back at your past in shame. Your past was part of your transformation.

Ummmm ok…………they followed that up with, he has had a heart attack and we will be airlifting him as soon as he is stable enough to go out. We are not equipped to keep him at this hospital……….could you imagine that phone call happening to you. We had already been together 16 years and although I did know something was wrong beforehand, nothing would brace me for what was about to happen.

After waiting the longest 5 hours of my life, he was air lifted to a bigger city center and I was asked to meet him there, pack him some clothes, he may be there awhile they informed me. So………I packed, thinking in my head, we would only be there two days, tops. Well………..it was alot longer than two days because he did need to receive some special care. The only thing that was going through my mind at this point was whether or not he was going to be alright.

He did end up to be alright and we did end up being there for what felt like a many number of days….it was actually 7 days we were there. They did fit him with a cornstarch stint that would solve the problem temporarily but I was beyond happy to have him sitting up and talking to me.

As I am writing this and looking back on that fateful day I received that phone call………..I am always grateful to have had the ability to take everything in strides……….I knew it was going to be a long road to recovery and I was able to hold my wits about me and not jump to any conclusions while hoping for the best, but I had no idea what else was going to be in store for us in the remainder of the year. The one thing that I did know was that he was going to be ok, he was alive and a change of diet was in order in our home.

This was the first of many changes to come in our lives. I just had no idea what kind of changes we were truely in for. Without those changes, I would not have become the person I am today and for this, I will be forever grateful!!!

Throughout the last five years, I have had the opportunity to change, grow and become a better person. I have spent countless hours on self development, personal development, and reading anything I could get my hands on that helped me change my thinking patterns and my views on the world as a whole. The one thing that the last five years has taught me, is that I would be lost without the help and guidance of those above items and essential oils. Essential Oils combined with self development and personal development have turned my life around………………and I cannot wait to share that with all of you!!!

A 40 something woman who is in love with life!!!! She has struggled, she has fallen and she has arisen again. Life can be full of inspiration, ideas, encouragement, positivity, connectivity......it is all how you look at life. For a while, I allowed life to happen to me, because I didn't know there was a better way...........today, I am guiding my life!!!

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