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Packing Your Emotional Oils Kit

We had a surgery date, we had a place and we had a solution.

The last thing left to do was pack the Emotional Oils.

At that time I had already had a large assortment of Young Living Essential Oils because,,,,,,the reason I first purchased my Premium Starter Kit was for our emotions, but this was an entirely different ball game.

Did I pick the oils to make me feel better, uplift me if I was feeling sad, did I pick the ones to help me make it through the day, just in case, did I pick my all time favourites or do I get out the reference book and look up “Oils for EVERY EMOTION” Of course I can’t do that because it does not have a section labelled for that but that was how I was feeling.

I was feeling happy but hesitant, joyful but scared, I was a ball of emotions.

My solution was to pack about 30 of them, I was not sure what to pack so I brought alot. I was giving myself inner anxiety, that tightness in your chest that you just can’t nail down, for me, that is how anxiety presents itself to me.

Some of what I packed included Orange, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Valor, Peace and Calming, Citrus Fresh, and Surrender, I felt that would be a great arsenal to deal with my ever growing anxiety.

I also packed myself Bergamot, Cypress, White Angelica, and Gratitude for those times when fear would creep in because I knew that was going to show itself at some point.

And because I figured grief could also present itself, I packed Tangerine, Release, Inspiration, Inner Child, Gathering, Harmony, and Magnify Your Purpose.

Thankfully I never had to use the grief oils, but I was ready!

I Applied varying essential oils diluted with a carrier oil topically to my skin (forehead, temples, neck soles of feet, etc.) as the time progressed, a week is quite a long time in hospital stays!

Forever thankful for my oils! As well as the hospital staff that gave us great care while we were there! I will also forever be grateful to these little bottles of goodness that have guided me through the good times and the tough times!

If at any point in your life, you feel like I can help you, reach out to me, or if you feel you need some of these Essential Oils, get your here>>>

A 40 something woman who is in love with life!!!! She has struggled, she has fallen and she has arisen again. Life can be full of inspiration, ideas, encouragement, positivity, is all how you look at life. For a while, I allowed life to happen to me, because I didn't know there was a better, I am guiding my life!!!

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