How To Write Yourself Skinny

Can I REALLY write myself skinny?? Abso-freakin-lutely YES, I DID IT!!!!! If I can do it, so can you my friend……

Before we jump right in to what the heck I mean, I should first tell you I needed a little bit of extra emotional oomph before I could start to write this….I am legit about to bear my soul to all of you…..So, hold on!! First off, I reached for my Valor Essential Oil because ummmm fear….rolled that baby behind my ears. Next, I reached for my Surrender Essential oil because I am about to surrender my soul, my heart and my words to my readers……scary stuff for some of us.

Here is a bit of a backstory to this, I sent a message to my friend yesterday and I was absolutely ecstatic…..I had lost 12 pounds and approximately 7 inches from January 7, 2019 up until March 5, 2019. I had started going sugar free on January 7 because I thought my life needed a bit of a redirection, which looking back now, I was looking for something a little extra in my life. I had been using essential oils for a few years due to a heart wrenching incident in our family followed by an almost just as devastating incident and I/we were in need of some emotional support and balance. Essential Oils most definately has helped the emotional journey and after doing what I will call a personal development journey, I was looking to switch some things up with the new calendar year.

In enters the sugar free diet, which once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite easy to follow and stay on point. But, while I was chatting up my friend, I had a thought……………what if the reason I was able to loose 12 pounds and 7 inches after so many years was really from opening the writing gates and not the sugar free diet. Why the heck had I not though of this earlier? Honestly, the thought never ever even crossed my little mind! DUH!!!

Emotional Weight is a real thing and once I began to learn what was, I was able to identify my weight gain to this exact thing. Once I understood what it was, I was able to counteract it with a simple tool, a tool we all have………WRITING.

What Is Emotional Weight? – Emotional Weight is weight gain put on with the body’s attempts to cope with stress through the intake of unhealthy foods. For most of us this equates to eating ice cream to get over a difficult break up or having fast-food for dinner after a painstaking day at the office. The key here is not to eliminate your stress and anxiety altogether but, rather, learn to identify when your emotional weight gain may be set it motion, to, first, avoid those unhealthy, ‘comfort’ foods and, second, to adapt to a more body-positive approach.

I can honestly say, my weight gain was not a substantial amount but it was about 3 pounds a year, take that over 4 years and you have yourself a whooping 12 pounds…..OH MY.

We all have issues or problems or something that is bothering us and as humans we have this great ability to deal with things that bother us…..its called DENIAL. Have you heard of it? It is one of those things that we bottle up inside and hope that it goes away, I hate to break it to you friends, it just doesn’t go away that easy. Instead it decides to stay inside and show itself in the form of weight gain.

When I decided to start writing, it was not because I felt I was good at writing, it was because I had this feeling or sense that I had certain things that needed to be written down/shared and journaled out. Some of the things that were emotionally charged for me where written down in a little book a lot like a diary but they needed to be released from my body and my mind. And as for the rest of the things, well here we are!!

When I began to journal and blog I went about it like a crazy woman, but in a good way , the first thing that I had to do was to be true to what the emotion was, meaning I had to first identify the existence, and denial will not help you overcome this step. As humans, we do not always feel like talking to people about our problems and that is totally understandable, we don’t have to.

When we allow ourselves to spend just a few minutes expressing our feeling and emotions onto paper, that is all you really all that is need to feel a sense of a weight being lifted off your chest.

Once you begin writing, you become weightless!!

My suggestion to you if you have any form of emotional weight baggage hanging around, find yourself a pen and paper and start writing……once you do that……you will feel five pounds lighter; it’s dead weight that holds us down and makes us become prisoners of our own minds.

Try keeping a daily journal, spending a few minutes every day writing on paper, whether it’s about what you did that day or how you felt, get a pattern going and you will see those emotional pounds shed right off, revealing a lighter, new and improved version of you.

I promise that you have the ability to become happier, calmer, more focused, more in tune with your surroundings, and actually present in the current moment. Plus as an added bonus, when you lose that unwanted weight, it takes 4 pounds of pressure off the knees and 6 pounds off the hips. Talk about another bonus to shedding some emotional weight.

When you spend more time in the present, it means less time spent worrying about the past and the future, giving you the best results in life!!

The next time you are feeling weighted down, I challenge you to write it out and just see how you feel afterwards. I challenge you to become weightless.

Forever Yours, SimpleeSoulful

Fill your Paper With Breathings Of Your Heart

A 40 something woman who is in love with life!!!! She has struggled, she has fallen and she has arisen again. Life can be full of inspiration, ideas, encouragement, positivity, connectivity......it is all how you look at life. For a while, I allowed life to happen to me, because I didn't know there was a better way...........today, I am guiding my life!!!


  • Jen

    Love your thought process! And kudos to you for identifying the source of the weight you were carrying and finding productive means to overcome!

    • simplesoulful

      Thanks Jen!! I truly believe that once I starting writing these things/thoughts/feelings out, I began to loose weight and with that came more confidence and a higher self esteem. It was such a win on so many levels for me!! Thanks for the lovely words…….

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