Loving Yourself Enough To Choose Appropriately

Hello Again my amazing friends!! Today, I am feeling AH-MAZ-ING!!!! Bet your wondering why?? The answer is easy!! The sun is shining here in Canada and it is a beautiful, breathtaking day!!! This is one day I am making the best of!

I am coming to you from my bedroom, more specifically my bed and I am looking out my bay window at the glory of the day. YES, my bedroom has a bay window and trust me if I could ever meet the builder of this home, the very first question I would ask him is WHY a bay window in the master bedroom?

Anyway, let’s get moving ladies!! Yesterday was National Women’s Day and what a day it was. I celebrated by starting a few new things on this day!! If you follow me on my Facebook page you would have seen a post regarding “How To Really Care For Yourself” and you would also see something I am calling “Creating Your Unique Happiness” Journaling Event, I created this so that we can get a feel for not only finding our unique happiness but also using this as stepping stone to a 5 Day “I AM ENOUGH” Workshop I am working on putting together. More to come at a later date.

I feel a lot of times as woman, we are so busy caring for others that we kind of put ourselves on the back burner sometimes. I am here to tell you that putting yourself on the back burner is not where you want to be, you want to be in a space where you are honored and feeling your absolute best.

We all want to have the self confidence, the bravery , the self esteem and the courage to be someone who exudes this level of greatness, to become the person that others want to be around, just for the simple reason that when you are around them, they make you feel confident. What if I told you that you that level of greatness lives inside of each one of us….would you believe me? Say YES!!! I dare you.

I attended a workshop recently that was Woman Centered and one of the questions that was asked of us was “How will achieving your goals impact my life and the lives of those I care about” She then asked us why she would write that as a question, I immediately knew the answer…..because as woman our decisions are based on how it impacts and affects others!! Way back when we had children at home and my spouse was working a full time job plus picking up any extra hours he could, because let’s be honest, the world revolves around money, I always immediately thought of them before I thought of myself. I always turned things down because quite frankly I either could not afford to attend or I thought I could not just leave my family to partake in something fun,,,,,,my thoughts were definately flawed as I look back on them now. But, at the time my thoughts were that I was to care for my family and they were to come before me. That my friends…..that logic was flawed. I am including this in here because, for me, these thing are very closely tied together, happiness and family go hand in hand for mamas.

We all love our families and we all care for our families the same but unless we have the ability to turn our thinking upside down and learn to love ourselves enough to choose appropriately, we will forever have this feeling of serving our families first. There is nothing wrong with this theory, it is just that it serves the greater good of the family and maybe not you, the momma!!

I do not mean that we turn our backs on our family and we become selfish, stop wearing a bra and start sky diving from a mountain, if that is even a thing. What I am talking about is taking some time for you, finding the balance between caring for your family and caring for yourself. I challenge you to apply this thinking to your everyday life.

You can’t pour from an empty cup

Taking care of yourself = keeping your cup full.  If you don’t do things to keep your cup full, you have nothing left to give or share with others.

I am talking about taking that first initial step, and each day, taking another step and another step and another step and on the next day, until, you have chosen to love yourself enough, each and every day.

Decide that TODAY, you are choosing to love yourself, the easiest way I can advise you to do that is to pick one or two evenings a week where you chill, relax and just think about nothing!! Talk to your husband and be straight with him, tell him you would love nothing more than one or two evenings a week where you can step away uninterrupted. Where you are not thinking about what child has XYZ on what evening, or that you have to be here on that day, at that time, you need to buy groceries this week on a Wednesday because the regular Friday will not work…….push all that back and just focus on you. I know that sounds alot easier written than done. I get it.

But here are a few simple steps to get you started. What I would suggest is heading down to your local library or your local drugstore and picking yourself up a book, any book really. What do you like to read? Uh huh,,,I just caught you asking yourself what kind of books you like to read, been there, done that and I had to figure that out too. No biggy. Maybe you are not a reader, maybe you like the solitude of the bathroom, enjoying yourself a nice, long soak in the tub. I know I used to love this time, uninterrupted, enjoyeable, quiet time just for me. And maybe your like me and have also learned about all the toxic ingredients contained in most bathroom essentials, again, not a biggy, google yourself a recipe or better yet, try mine. I loveYoung Living Essential Oils and that is ALL we use in our home

Here is my favourite DIY BATH SOAK Recipe – 1/4 CUP SEA SALT – 1/4 CUP EPSOM SALT – 1/4 CUP 5-10 DROPS Young Living Essential OIL OF YOUR CHOICE. Depending on my mood I like to use Lavender, Cedarwood, Gentle Baby, PanAway, Peppermint or a blend of any of the above. Seriously though, you can use any but the most important thing is that you are taking the time to Love Yourself and that is the most important thing my friend.

Today is the day you can love yourself totally with no expectations

If what I have suggested above does not resonate with you, how about something as simple as meeting a friend for coffee at a local cafe? We all can use a little more human interactions, I know when we had children at home that was always something I was yearning for,,,,,,that adult conversation. Although, maybe you strive for some alone time,,,,,,again, head down to the local cafe and enjoy yourself a coffee, a tea, heck have a latte…they are delicious, trust me, coffee has gotten me through some pretty rough patches.

Let’s begin right now in this moment to  choose love
It’s the most powerful healing force there is

The point of all of this is this………….When you become the woman that takes some time to love herself, you also become the woman that exudes confidence, bravery, high self esteem and courage.

Nothing happens overnight, but with a bit of determination and guidance, you can become that woman!! I Promise You

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Forever Yours, Simplee Soulful

A 40 something woman who is in love with life!!!! She has struggled, she has fallen and she has arisen again. Life can be full of inspiration, ideas, encouragement, positivity, is all how you look at life. For a while, I allowed life to happen to me, because I didn't know there was a better, I am guiding my life!!!


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