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What Is Self Love & How Can I Get It?

What is Self Love.….Self-love has often been seen as a moral flaw, akin to vanity and selfishness. The Merriam-Webster dictionary later describes self-love as to “love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage”.

When I first started learning about self love, I assumed it meant manicures, pedicures, bubble baths, cucumber masks, mud masks, massages and all the other fancy stuff that never really wowed me. Whoa, did I have lots to learn about self love. Self Love could totally mean all of the things above as well bu, self love meant a lot more than just those things I stated above.

Self Love is not one of those things others can give you, of course your spouse loves you but that doesn’t validate who you are, and in saying that I mean, their love is great but you need to give yourself love as well. True self love comes from the inside, it sparks up in your inner goddess. It comes from that space inside, right from the core. In order to create self love, we must first learn to love ourselves, right down to the center of our soul.

Self love is a not a destination; it’s a practice. Self-love is the very foundation on which we build a happy, healthy, prosperous life. Without self-love, we have nowhere to put the love or abundance that comes to us.

Self Love is about choosing ourselves, even if by choosing ourselves we are seemingly not choosing others, and trust me, that may cause some ripples in the friend and family department.

Self Love is about asking yourself if by doing this today, right here at this very moment, is it serving YOU…..only YOU, no one else on the planet but YOU. You matter my friend.

Self Love is about giving your body, mind and spirit a break….allowing everything to reconnect again, it is alot like a roadmap… wrong turn and you are lost!

Self Love is about wearing the clothes that make us feel amazing, confident and brave, comfortable in our own skin.

Self Love is about accepting ourselves, where we are today and loving ourselves enough to love every single part of our selves, even the stretch marks around my hips.

Self Love is about not living in the place of defeat, or darkness, but living and honoring all the great things that have happened in our lives.

Self Love is about loving and accepting ourselves even when we fail miserably at some of these self-love goals. You can never fail if you never try.

Self Love is about owning our own SHIT……..I had to own my shit and you can own yours too.

No one else can offer these things to you, they must come from deep down within our very own souls.

In a few weeks I will be opening up and offering a rewarding experience to woman who are ready to step into their power, woman who know life is about more than just paying bills, woman that not only want to survive but they want to thrive, woman who want to gain confidence, become brave and be fearless.

We all face adversity at some point, but I also know that if we all band together and support each other, we will overcome any of these issues.

But, first we must take the initial step, and this stepping stone is my little gift to you, I have attached a download for anyone wishing to really learn what self love is all about.

My gift to you for following me on this journey is free Self Love Journal Prompt Download….feel free to share this with other woman. United we are!

Get Your Download Here…….

Forever Yours, SimpleeSoulful

A 40 something woman who is in love with life!!!! She has struggled, she has fallen and she has arisen again. Life can be full of inspiration, ideas, encouragement, positivity, is all how you look at life. For a while, I allowed life to happen to me, because I didn't know there was a better, I am guiding my life!!!


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