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My Top Must Have 5 Essential Oils For Confidence

Have you ever noticed you are somewhere and the people around you are seemingly confident, they are just exuding that confident stance, that confident glance, that well manufactured smile, they are gliding through the room?

It seems like some people are just born with it, but in fact, confidence exists inside of each one of us. He or she just has to locate it within themselves. There was a time in my life where I just wanted to hide in the crowd, not because I like crowds, but because I felt most comfortable hidden away from the eyes of others. That little, insecure me thought that if I hid in the crowd, everything was going to be fine, when in fact, it was not.

I had to learn to become confident and learn not to hide. You are the only person who can build your confidence up… one can nurture and protect your confidence and self belief except you. I learned how to do just that with the help of 5 Essential Oils!

I started out by getting my feet wet with a few essential oils, I have since graduated to ALOT of essential oils, but, they were an integral part to my healing journey.


  1. Valor – Promotes feelings of strength, balances the body, emotionally balancing
  2. Transformation – Empowers you to release negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts
  3. Joy – Calms emotions, eases nerves
  4. Bergamot – Promotes confidence building and enhancing your mood
  5. Shutran – Inspires self empowerment and self confidence


  1. Valor – Apply topically, neat (undiluted), I applied a drop or two behind my ears, that is where I found I had the most success with this oil, because I would receive a whiff every time I moved my head!
  2. Transformation – Apply topically, neat, (undiluted), I applied a few drops to my wrists and/or my chakra points
  3. Joy – Apply topically neat, (undiluted), I applied this blend to my chest and sometimes enjoyed it in my bathwater.
  4. Bergamot – Massage a few drops (diluted with a carrier oil) into your abdomen when you are doing internal work, also great for digestion, also great diffused in the area you are in.
  5. Shutran – Apply topically, neat, (undiluted), I applied a few drops to my wrists and/or my chakra points, also great in bathwater as well.

When we begin to understand the role that essential oils can play in our everyday well being, we can begin to embrace the new lifestyle, the confident lifestyle.

Confidence is the key to everything!!!

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