Creating Sacred Space For Self Care

Everywhere you look these days, you see the word Self Care…..but…….it is so much more than just a word. It is an act, it is an idea, it is a ritual and most of all it should be a non negotiable. When people think of self care, they often feel that taking care of themselves would be selfish. ABSOLUTELY NOT, I am here to tell you to take care of yourself first, for if you do not, you will not be able to care for those surrounding you to the best of your ability. And girlfriend, I am rooting for you and want you to bring your A GAME. That means taking the time, creating the time and the space for you to be honored! That is sacred in itself.

The Magic Of Self Care is not magical at all, it is however a remarkable act, it is the remarkable act of you stepping forward and saying I Am Important and I Deserve This! And I feel that I care enough about myself to make myself a priority.

When I talk about a Sacred Space, this to me is a space or area in my home that brings me peace, enlightenment, joy and awareness. All of these things come together in this one space, they are the center of my being, some refer to this an alter if you may, I refer to it as my Sacred Space. This is an area that I feel comfortable in and that I have created just for me!

Where Can I Create This Sacred Space? The answer is easy, any place in your home that feels comfortable to you. If the garage is your perfect get away, great, maybe for others, it may be a spare bedroom, possibly the basement, maybe even outside for some. The space is yours to create and it can be created anywhere you want.

What Do I Need To Create This Sacred Space? Basically, if your like me, you need somewhere quiet, somewhere the kids preferably do not play, if you have children and somewhere with warmth….I am a big fan of warmth.

What Can I Put In My Sacred Space? For me, I like a pillow, a big comfy meditation pillow, even if meditation is not your jam, a nice comfy pillow to sit on surely is. I also like a table nearby, possibly with a lace or linen tablecloth on it, I am a bit of a older gal at heart. Maybe you love crystals, set them out for yourself, I love Affirmation Cards so mine are in my Sacred Space, I also have Essential Oils because I use them daily and find them really handy when combined with Self Care. You may also want to have your favourite scented candle set up in your space along with maybe your favourite blanket. Possible a few quotes or maybe you favourite mantras you use daily. You can put anything that brings you joy into your space, after all it is your space and you are honoring yourself by creating this space just for you!

What Can You Do In Your Sacred Space? Anything you desire, it is your space. Maybe you want to try Yoga, Breath Work, Dance, Manifestation, Ritual, Reading, Journaling. This area is designed for you and because we are all so unique, I want you to have this area and use it how ever you desire.

Why Is It Important For Self Care? That my friend is an easy answer, any time we take, any space we create in our lives where we can focus on our self, our needs, our wants and our desires, is time that can be directly linked to Self Care. The definition of Self Care is listed as this…..The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.‘autonomy in self-care and insulin administration’ The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.‘expressing oneself is an essential form of self-care’as modifier ‘self-care methods such as meditation’

When we take actionable steps and create quality time towards preserving and improving our health, these actions all fit under the umbrella of Self Care, and when you take it a step further and create yourself a Sacred Space to practice Self Care, my friend, you just leveled up on the Self Care Routine!! And you, my friend are going places!!

Forever Yours…..SimpleeSoulful

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