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Is Exercise A Form Of Self Care?

My honest, gut felt answer to you is YES, ABSOLUTELY. Ever great Exercise Self Care Plan should include daily movement, daily motivation with goals of fitness in mind building a top of the ultimate goals…….increased strength and flexibility.

For me, this is something I was doing before it even dawned on me that that was exactly what I was doing. I was at a point in my life where I knew Self Care was super important. I had felt like I was constantly running from here to there to over there. Trying to get things done, fill in the blanks and all the while hitting doctors appointments, specialist appointments and working full time on top of that. I was spending a lot of time caring for my fella in the early days of our journey to recovery, when someone has a heart attack a lot of things need to change in your life, everything from the lifestyle to the daily.

Fast forward past that time to today where he is recovered and can care for himself, that is when the Road To Recovery started for me. This is the time when the calendar switched over to a new year and I had new goals in a lot of areas and health was always my number one but this year my health has included a lot of different things as well. My health has come to include spiritual health, mental health, and the physical health. When you can coordinate that all together, that is where the Magic Happens.

A few years back my friend introduced me to a Work Out Program because I was feeling a bit fluffy around the mid section. perhaps that is the ultimate thing when you are approaching mid life, who knows but I feel like that is a real thing. I stuck with that program for a while and stuck to the meal plan and the prep plan and I seen some pretty amazing results due to the program and my supportive friend, but ultimately, this plan was a bit rigid for my liking. I wanted flow, ease and instead I was feeling like it was a regiment, I quickly decided that maybe all the fuss to be the skinny, no flab here, great muscles there thinking, possibly was not for me, except I knew deep down, I needed daily movement, daily motivation and above all a Self Care Exercise Plan.

Some examples of Exercise and Self Care that I have done are Yoga…which is something I do enjoy, Meditation…...because it does fit into my spiritual health, I tried Pilates……because why not? I tried simply walking 5k a day to get my heart rate up along with many other things and while they all did stick with me for a while and I did love them, I was seeking out more. I still to this day enjoy Meditation and Yoga very much.

What I learned when I listened to my body was astounding, my body was ultimately telling me what it needed, actually, basically screaming at me but, it was not until I sat down and meditated that I began to understand what it was wanting.

My back had been sore for awhile and really, I truly thought that was due to my work as I do a lot of heavy lifting, which is a form of exercise in my mind. I turned to my Louise Hay book……...You Can Heal Your Life………..this book is amazing…………because…………………………....The key premise of the book is that because the mind and body are connected, illnesses of the body somehow have their root causes in emotional and spiritual aspects of the mind and its beliefs and thought processes. While modern medicine concerns itself with eliminating symptoms of disease in the body, using tools such as chemotherapy and other pharmaceutical drugs and various surgical techniques, Hay’s approach is to identify and work to resolve what she perceives as the mental root causes of disease. Hay believes that the causes of “dis-ease” include stress and unhealthy thought patterns and beliefs about oneself, and postulates that the most fundamental way to affect positive change in the body is to change the way we think, using tools such as “mirror work” and affirmations. At the end of book, a separate section lists numerous illnesses and various emotional thought patterns that Hay believes causes them; this was derived from Hay’s earlier book, Heal Your Body, which had its origins in a pamphlet she published in 1979.

For me, when I searched what was happening with me……..and I was really astounded by what I was reading, not only when I researched back problems but I was quite taken back at the word Support, there it was in black and white form…….support equals strength…… was I going to support my back…….the answer was simple……… strengthening it.

There it was, my Self Care Plan and My Fitness Goal………my next plan of action was to find a workout program that would support my back. I already knew the benefit of exercise, but I was about to start my self care action plan. I quickly found a ton of workouts that would be fantastic, the problem being I was not huge on the cardio aspect, I know, I can already hear you frowning upon my thought and yes I know, I need cardio too!

I found myself falling in love with a program called Lift 4…….this program has ultimately changed my life, within two days, my back was already feeling the results of the workouts, it was not as tight and it did not hurt to bend over. That my friends was the ultimate Self Care Goal. Wondering what Lift 4 is? It is a program designed to build muscle and burn fat in 8 weeks with short 30-40 minute workouts, only four times a week. I found this plan to be easily added into my already daily routine.

So far my back is feeling the results of the workouts and I am also feeling fantastic about my choice to become more serious about my self care habits and I have learned that I can have balanced self care strategies, I am feeling the benefits of a self care action plan and I know have actionable steps to take towards my self care goals.

Forever Yours…..SimpleeSoulful

A 40 something woman who is in love with life!!!! She has struggled, she has fallen and she has arisen again. Life can be full of inspiration, ideas, encouragement, positivity, is all how you look at life. For a while, I allowed life to happen to me, because I didn't know there was a better, I am guiding my life!!!

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