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How To Create Sacred Space

Hey, Hey, Hey my beautiful friends!! I am so excited that you are sitting down with me today and taking a a moment to read this…….you have my ultimate virtual high five girlfriend,,,,,,, you have earned it. Kick off those shoes, put those feet up and pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine…dealers choice!

Let’s take some time and chat about Self Care, that is one of my most favorite things to write about because it has played such a big part in my life and in my Wellness Journey as well. Self Care is one of those things that a lot of us take for granted, but let me tell you girlfriend, you need to take some steps towards finding the time to put in self care, trust me….it is a game changer!

What Can Happen If We Do Not Take The Time For Self Care? My answer to this question is burn out. You are so tired of the daily and dragging ass that something needs to give. Most times if you do not give yourself the adequate attention it deserves, your body will start showing you in no uncertain terms that you need to give it some attention. These uncertain terms start to show up in the form of discomfort, maybe a disease, possibly even a cold that just will not go away, your immune system may become compromised…..whatever the case may be, your body will find a way to show you that it needs some Self Care.

Why Have A Sacred Space? The answer to this question was easy for me… is a space that I can easily set up by myself, for myself. It is a space that brings me peace and joy along with the feeling of contentment. Contentment with the fact that this space can truly become anything that I wish it to be. It is a space that is easily accessible and comfortable. If I wish it to be a place of Zen, which sometimes I do, I may want it to have some succulents, real or fake, possibly a little sand garden with those cute little rakes, I may use earthy toned fabrics in my space and I would want to scent the aroma with natural scents such as using an Essential Oil Diffuser.

Can My Sacred Space Be Changed? Yes, you may want to change up your sacred space with the seasons……..maybe for summer you love the idea of a Zen Area, maybe in the fall you will want to switch it up to include the warmth of candles and brighter colors. This space is yours, own it girlfriend.

What Should Be In My Sacred Space? Anything that means anything to you, anything that brings you a sense of peace and calming. You may want to hang a Buddha poster, you may want to set up your crystals in your space, set out your affirmation cards, bring your favorite candle and your favorite Essential Oils……whatever feels the best for you, whatever brings joy into your space and life.

Where Can I Set Up My Sacred Space? Anywhere you want, possibly in a spare bedroom, the garage, the basement. The possibilities are endless, it is after all your home. I would absolutely love my Sacred Space to be in the backyard set up in a shed…..that would be my ultimate space.

How Do I Create My Sacred Space? You can set yourself up an alter if you wish or even have a side table to set your chosen items on. Maybe you would like a lace tablecloth covering your table, maybe you would like a big comfy pillow for the floor, possibly even a colorful blanket. The possibilities are endless.

What Can I Do In My Sacred Space? Absolutely anything you desire. Maybe you want to practice Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Journal……..the space you have created is yours and only yours, you can do whatever sets your heart on fire.

Setting yourself up a area just for you, can become something of a little god send, it was for me, you will find this little area of great use when you are feeling like you need a little escape. Sometimes I have this overwhelming feeling or sensation that I just need to sit, and that is when I retreat to my Sacred Space. My Sacred Space has kind of become my go to area when I need to sit and think. Sometimes the best ideas come to me in that quiet space, such as creating articles like this one come to me.

Over the course of time, I have learned to listen to my intuition…….if my intuition is telling me that I need to break away, then that is exactly what I do.

With that being said though, my Sacred Space needs to be organized, as yours should be as well……….clutter will not work in this area because you are creating an area that is open to creativity and creative expressions!

When you were growing up, did your mother ask you to make your bed in the morning? Did she always ask you to keep your room clean? Maybe you even had to do your own laundry? I did and it did not hurt me one little bit. Have you ever wondered why she was asking you to do these things? She was teaching you control, this was your area and you could control what was happening in it. No one enjoys a mess, I know I certainly do not.

Your Sacred Space is something that you can control, if your sacred space is in utter chaos, my friend, we have a problem.

How To Keep Your Sacred Space Organized? The best thing I can say is that if your home and you sacred space are a mess, you are not helping anyone my friend. Not only should your space, only have your Sacred Items in it, they should be displayed in a clean, organized fashion. This area should be inviting and clutter free. Your bigger vision for this space and it’s future will not come to you if your space is in utter chaos. Be sure to lay down some ground rules for your space and your entire home.

Setting yourself up for success in all areas of your life is the goal, but setting up your Sacred Space for success is a game changer. A cluttered space will not grow a clear mind……a clear space will grow a clear mind. Clarity is key in your Sacred Space, if you have the ability to keep your entire home uncluttered and clear, you my friend are going to see a major shift in your life!

Forever Yours……SimpleeSoulful

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