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A Self Care Moment For You

Last night I popped out to the lake to take a few things out for the weekend, as in Canada we have a long weekend coming up and we are expecting company, I wanted to have a few things out there for the weekend plus, I spend the entire summer living out of my camper…….there is no greater way to spend a summer than living at the lake in the camper. It gives you an entire new lease on life and you can really learn to love all the beauty of the land and the scenery is just magical.

While I was out there last night, I was putting some groceries away and I was listening to the birds chirping and the woodpecker pecking away, I was quickly reminded that I missed this place. The remainder of the year I stay in town where the traffic is loud, the street lights hide the stars from the naked eye and the scenery is no where near as majestic as it is in the country. I truly missed the sounds, the feel of the space, the openness of the outside and the overall calm that it gives my body.

It did not take me long to decided that I was spending the night out there, I quickly finished putting the groceries away and the few odds and ends that I had brought out…..all I wanted to do was to sit and enjoy the scenery.

As the temperature outside was not exactly warm, it was not super cool either, I made the decision to cook myself up a quick little supper, by that I mean, I had a can of Vegetable Soup in the camper, so I ate that. Once in a while that is a tasty supper meal for me and it is relatively quick to prepare.

I set down to enjoy my Vegetable Soup with a few Chia & Quinoa Crackers topped with Spicy Guacamole, also a favorite of mine. While sitting at the table in the camper, directly in front of the window I was able to watch the outside world. I was able to watch a Hawk fly through the air, I was able to see the birds frolicking in the sky and I happened to see a Jackrabbit by the wood pile, these are just some of the things that I would have not experienced if I had went back to town……so blessed to have stayed out there.

I was out there by myself and as I was sitting there watching the scenery, a thought dawned on me, in these simple, tiny little moments that were nourishing my soul, this was the ultimate form of Self Care In The Moment. Nothing was planned, I had not ran myself a bath to sit in, I was simply sitting at the window soaking in the scenery and watching the world happen around me, it was awesome.

Once I had finished my meal, I was looking around to see what else i could do with my evening as I was not in the mood to watch any TV. Low and behold, I had packed my book!!! I love to read!!!

This was the ticket to my Relaxation Evening. I set up my diffuser on the counter, added a few drops of Shutran Essential Oil, made myself a steamy hot cup of Chia Tea and I was set for the evening.

I literally sat at that window reading my book for the next three hours, uninterrupted time of pure bliss, time that was completely and unintentionally devoted to me. This moment in time that was my time to unwind, relax, rest and rejuvenate. A time where only my mind was being motivated… was great!!

Self Care is one of those things that you can show yourself at any moment, during any time and it is something that you can create on the fly, just like I did last night. Of course, you can have a regiment or a routine, but sometimes it is just a blessing to be able to practice The Art Of Self Care without all the frills and the extras as I call them!

We can all learn to show ourselves a little more love, care and attention, by doing this, we are not only changing ourselves for the better but we are making the world a better place for others.

For me, when I take time out and away I am not so high strung and the world just seems to move and flow with greater ease and more calmness.

Cheers To Self Care My Friends!!

Forever Yours…..SimpleeSoulful

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