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I am what I would consider your standard human being. I am 40 something woman who I would refer to as being a realist. I am a prairie farm raised girl who has fed the cows and horses, picked rocks and roots in the fields, picked the eggs, pulled a calf, fed the pigs, baled the hay, eaten pork and beans in the field from the can with a spoon and has eaten the wheat from the grain bin, and while I am writing this today, it is -35 where I live. I have experienced some pretty amazing stuff and have also survived some pretty tough stuff, but I have been able to walk through the fire and come out the other side a better human being.

I have been knocked down more than once and somehow I have been able to stand up again, mainly because I refuse to be held down. I was one of those people that felt that life was happening to me……….we had raised two children (his)……..claimed bankruptcy……..faced a heart attack………a lose of a child, among other events and somehow I had the ability to take all of our sorrow, grief, agony and despair, and I was able to turn what felt like a dark life into something that was flourishing again. I say it felt like a dark life, but I can assure you, it was a dark time in our past.

This beautiful piece was the first piece that struck a cord within me……this piece screamed at my soul for me to take it home………this wonderful piece and others can be found @Autumn & Ash Creative on Facebook!

But, through it all, I had some pretty key things I was using to help us with our healing journey. Without what I can now call my growth mindset, my ability to learn, my desire to bring us some happiness and essential oils, I know without a doubt in my mind, we would still be those broken people. There was a grief and sorrow that lived inside of us at that time, but, I awoke one morning and took a stand. I was going to learn how to overcome this, not just for me but for my husband as well, and one day I was going to teach others how to take the worst and turn it into the best.

We all go through things in life, but I firmly believe that if we can walk through the fire and find the little golden learning nuggets in our experiences, then it was not in vain. And when you can come out the other side with an attitude of gratitude……….it’s a tremendous feeling.

It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.